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The Role of Public Information in Personal Injury Claim

These days, more information than ever is considered public information. Any type of post, comment, image, or reference found over social media, for example, can be considered public information. Information of this nature should not be neglected during a personal injury case and can make it easier for a law firm to build a strong case. It’s also easy to obtain and leverage.

Here are 4 tips your firm should consider when it comes to handling public information during a personal injury claim:

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NFL Concussion Cases: The Latest

As football season approaches, we wanted to revisit the wrap up that occured in the the five-year fight between the National Football League (NFL) and former players. The United States Supreme Court denied a request to review the NFL’s settlement with retired players who had accused the league of hiding the facts about the dangers of head trauma. This decision allows for some of these former players with severe debilitating brain conditions to begin receiving payments up to $5 million.

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Website Policy: Protecting Your Interests or Theirs?

Advancements in technology have prompted drastic changes in the operation and organization of law firms today. Attorneys everywhere are realizing the benefits of trading in their cluttered and crowded offices for online, paperless document storage and case management. Realizing the benefits of technology will improve the functionality of your office and allow you to reach and recruit more clients.

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Is There a Better Way to Handle Case Referrals?

Typically, when a law firm receives a case lead they don’t have the time or expertise to handle yet, but they  wish to help the client regardless, they’ll do another lawyer a favor and send that client their way. This is what’s known as a referral. Everyone benefits from a good referral, and in most cases, it’s simple to toss a client’s contact information to a favorite colleague. This makes dolling out referrals fairly low-effort yet high-reward.

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Why Your Law Firm Needs Intake Services

If your law firm is like most legal practices, you don’t spend a lot of time in your office. As a busy lawyer, there are always depositions, meetings, and conventions you need to attend. When you’re not at your office, who makes sure potential leads and clients are able to get in touch? If you don’t immediately know the answer to that question, you’re in trouble.

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3 Ways to Improve Communication During Multidistrict Litigation

One of the most crucial aspects of completing an MDL (multidistrict litigation) mass tort is communication. Without solid communication between the law firms working on separate cases as well as any outside technology vendors, ADR groups, or PSCs, it’s difficult to build and formulate a central case that’s strong enough to succeed in court. Communication is essential to any type of MDL strategy.

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Redefining Case Management: The Power of Connectivity

Standard digital case management solutions are great for many reasons, but regarding connectivity, they tend to focus on one thing and one thing only—letting your lawyers and law firm employees work together to manage a case and tackle its various tasks. Most case management programs don’t let law firms virtually connect with other law firms, vendors, ADR groups, PSCs, or clients. In standard personal injury cases, this isn’t an issue, but for mass torts and other MDL cases, added connectivity can be vital.

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